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Free storage SAN and LAN performance and capacity monitoring for EMC IBM Hitachi HPE NetApp IN STOR2RRD
Program type: Freeware

File size: 6260 Kb
Date: 10/28/2019
Install support: Install Only
OS: Linux, Linux Console, Linux Gnome, Linux GPL, Linux Open Source
Requirements: Web server, Perl, RRDTool
Language: English

Storwize or the storage, good performance or also monitoring, DS8000 and V7000XIV or free 3PAR and cheap Brocade or the Cisco, good NetApp or also VPLEX, VMAX and XtremIO or free Isilon and cheap DataDomain or the StoreOnce, good Nimble or also DataCore, INFINIDAT and Infinibox or free OceanStor and cheap PureStorage or the ETERNUS

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Free storage performance monitoring for IBM,EMC,HPE,NetApp,Hitachi,Huawei
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Free storage, SAN and LAN performance and capacity monitoring for EMC VMAX VPLEX XtremIO Isilon DataDomain VNX VNXe Unity Celerra, IBM DS8000 FlashSystem Storwize V7000 SVC XIV A9000, Hitachi HUS VSP VSP-G HUS-VM AMS, HPE 3PAR XP7 MSA P2000 StoreOnce Nimble, NetApp FAS E-series, INFINIDAT Infinibox, Huawei OceanStor, PureStorage, Fujitsu ETERNUS, Dell Compellent, DataCore SANsymphony, Lenovo ThinkSystem DS Series V Series S Series, BNA, Brocade, Cisco MDS and Nexus, QLogic
The tool offers you end-to-end views of your storage environment including NAS and SAN and can save you significant money in operation monitoring and by predicting utilization bottlenecks in your virtualized environment.
You can also generate policy-based alerts, view overall health status of your systems, reduce service downtime, use capacity and forecasting data, and simplify the identification of virtualization or cloud aspirant.

Recent changes in this Major Update:
New storage support Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS), Oracle ZFS, Lenovo ThinkSystem DE Series


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IBM,SVC,Storwize,SVC,XIV,storage,performance,monitoring,DS8000,V7000XIV,3PAR,HUS,Brocade,Cisco,NetApp,SAN,EMC,VPLEX,VMAX,XtremIO,Isilon,DataDomain,StoreOnce,Nimble,DataCore,INFINIDAT,Infinibox,OceanStor,PureStorage,ETERNUS Free storage, SAN and LAN performance and capacity monitoring for EMC, IBM, Hitachi, HPE, NetApp, INFINIDAT, Huawei, PureStorage, Fujitsu, Dell, Quantum, DataCore, Dot Hill, Seagate, Brocade, BNA, Cisco, QLogic devices

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