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California Fonts Free Font Manager 2.5 May 25, 2017 11:48 New
This free and easy to use tool has an explorer-like interface that quickly shows you fonts currently installed on your computer. Easily install font packs to grow your collection!
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Colibrico Design Studio 1.1.3 May 17, 2017 4:07 Major Update
Colibrico Design Studio is a large graphics collection and design tool. With Colibrico you automate the creation of Icon Sets. The export formats SVG, PNG, BMP, JPG and ICO (RGB / A) are supported.
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SterJo Weather Forecast 1.0 May 12, 2017 8:36 New
SterJo Weather Forecast is a simple and free app that shows the most current weather conditions.
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Toolbar Icons Pack 1.07 May 8, 2017 8:13 New
Give your application or website a great look using a different kind of professional-quality icons for toolbars. Toolbar Icons Pack will help you to visualize the standard actions and give a unique look to your application. The ready-made solution.
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A VIP Task Manager Standard Edition 4.2.37 May 6, 2017 6:58 Major Update
Professional client/server groupware for task management and team collaboration. It allows planning, sharing, tracking and reporting tasks, appointments, projects, and any company or employees' activities through Local Network (LAN) and Low Speed Net
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Email Icons Pack 1.07 May 5, 2017 4:27 New Release
Give your email client application or website a great look using a different kind of professional-quality icons for email toolbars. Email Icons Pack will help you to visualize the standard actions and give a unique look to your application.
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Drag N Drop Notes 5.8 May 3, 2017 1:14 New Release
This is the program for creating quick notes. Besides the usual note-taking, the program can copy and store the text from other applications, such as web browsers, text editors, and IM communication programs such as MSN or ICQ.
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Keyboard Shortcuts Manager 5.7 May 1, 2017 2:13 New Release
Keyboard Shortcuts Manager is a powerful easy-to-use program for creating and managing keyboard shortcuts for system actions.
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RetroUI Pro (64-bit) 3.0.2 Apr 21, 2017 11:46 Major Update
RetroUI customizes Windows 8: adds a start menu, makes Windows Store (metro) apps run in a resizable window with a [X] button on the desktop, brings the taskbar and start menu into the new Start screen, removes hot corners, and much more.
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Actual Virtual Desktops 8.10.2 Apr 21, 2017 8:55 New
Create an activity-focused work environment - scatter the piled up application windows over independent desktops, showing one desktop at a time. Move windows between desktops, set custom wallpapers, automatically maintain your workspace using rules.
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CellNet 4.0 Apr 18, 2017 8:41 New
CellNet is a multi function program designed to speed up, play and simplify access to the most common files on your computer.
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7Caps 3.6 Apr 18, 2017 8:40 New
7Caps is a small useful tool that notifies you if Caps Lock or Num Lock keys are activated.
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Icograms Isometric Farm Icons 1.0 Apr 11, 2017 8:03 New
Isometric Farm Icons contains isometric SVG icons for building farms, rural areas, maps, plans, etc. It has a great number of buildings, roads, plants, animals, people, vehicles and nature icons. These icons are used by Icograms Designer.
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Ondesoft ClipBuddy for Mac 2.02.1 Apr 8, 2017 13:16 New
Ondesoft ClipBuddy for Mac is multi-functional clipboard manager and editing software for Mac, which saves any type of data copied to clipboard like text, images, html, folder from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TextEdit, iChat or web browser
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Copernic Desktop Search Apr 6, 2017 11:00 New
Smart Windows Desktop Search engine for your computer provided by Copernic. Copernic Desktop Search is the best alternative to Windows Search as it allows you to centralize your document, file & email searches in one unique interface.
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Clear Clipboard 1.38 Mar 29, 2017 11:17 New Release
Clear Clipboard makes the windows clipboard empty in less than a second. It deletes the current clipboard contents so the clipboard becomes empty. Clear Clipboard is a useful freeware clipboard tool.
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MICR Font Suite 4.05 Mar 28, 2017 9:10 New
This package contains a set of high precision MICR fonts for corporations and developers who want to print their own checks through their own software. 15 MICR fonts and 18 anti fraud Secure fonts to print amount and order.
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Get Plain Text 1.14 Mar 14, 2017 4:24 New Release
Get Plain Text deletes formatting from the clipboard in less than a second. Get rid of unwanted fonts, size of letters, colors, built-in pictures and hyperlinks. Paste only plain text. Get Plain Text is a useful freeware clipboard extender.
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Door Control 3.8 Feb 28, 2017 12:55 New
Door Control puts a button in your task bar tray that lets you eject and close your CD/DVD drive with one click, especially useful for those whose PC tower is not within easy reach
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Comfort Clipboard Pro 7.5 Feb 22, 2017 1:13 Major Update
Professional Windows Clipboard Viewer and Manager. Now you don't have to worry that copying one thing will erase something else! It keeps the clipboard history that you can use to paste any selected fragment again. It supports all known data formats.
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Alpha Clipboard Recorder 10.00 Feb 14, 2017 2:57 New Release
Free Clipboard Record. Alpha Clipboard is a lightweight, handy and convenient solution to expand your Windows clipboard from one to twenty five items.
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Hot Copy Paste 7.5 Feb 7, 2017 12:21 New
Enhance Windows Clipboard with multiple snippets, secure storage and full-text search. Hot Copy Paste works in every program supporting Windows Clipboard, and works in many that don't. Cut, copy and paste as many snippets as you need at once!
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1st Clipboard 10.00 Feb 4, 2017 4:21 Major Update
Free Clipboard Replacement for Windows. 1st Clipboard can copy and store up to 25 items at a time. This gives you the ability to bulk-paste items, both to documents and spread sheets.
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WinM8 4.01.03 Feb 2, 2017 12:21 New
Winm8 is a combined multi clipboard, launcher, Web bookmark and information management system. Winm8 is not just a multi clipboard - it is also a repository where you can store every piece of useful information you will ever need.
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Spartan Clipboard 16.10 Jan 28, 2017 2:36 Major Update
Typing something you've typed before? Searching for that graphic file, web address or phone number you know you have somewhere? Want to browse your digital photos and paste them straight into your email or word processor?.....You need Spartan.
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