Fileaze file,folder,directory,batch,regular expression,automatic,email,ftp,encryption,zip,compression,text,search,replace,command,date,schedule,scheduler,copy,move,rename,delete,upstream,publish,automate,backup,mirror,clone,duplicate,synchronize,protection

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Fileaze Fileaze is a powerful batch tool for recurrent file manipulation tasks
Type: Shareware
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File size: 5841 Kb
Date: 8/29/2008
Install support: Install and Uninstall
OS: Win98, WinME, WinXP, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, Windows2003
System requirements: Windows 95 or later, 20MB free space on hard disk, 128 MB of RAM
Language: English

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Fileaze 1.0.5
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Fileaze is a powerful batch tool for recurrent file manipulation tasks
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Fileaze is a batch tool for recurrent file manipulation tasks. It allows you to execute sequences of operations on a collection of files gathered from folders, FTP servers, e-mail attachments and web pages. Fileaze can copy, move, rename, delete, change attributes and dates of these files. It supports text replacement, zip/unzip operations, encryption and decryption of collected files and it can also upload them to FTP servers or send them out as e-mail attachments. You can even invoke external commands or applications with your files passed along as parameters allowing you to have access to your favourite tools from within your jobs. Fileaze supports Regular Expressions in pattern matching to help you fine-tune your file selection. Fileaze lets you select files from multiple locations within a single job so you can easily automate complex and tedious manual tasks by turning them into smart jobs. Scheduled execution of batch jobs is also supported to make them run in the background at a fixed time, preset interval or upon occurrence of events. Fileaze supports parameterized execution through a set of predefined and custom constants helping you to customize your job at execution time thus allowing you to reuse the same job in multiple scenarios. By combining all these features you can create batch jobs ranging from the simple to the most sophisticated. Fileaze can become a backup tool or a mirroring application. You can turn it into an automatic digital photo downloader that creates date-based folders for smart photo organization. It can work as an upstreaming daemon that automatically publishes modified files on the Web via FTP becoming a Web renderer or an online collaboration tool. You can periodically encrypt sensible files and upload them to a remote server as an emergency backup or you could just set Fileaze up to be a time-based Web downloader for always up to date retrieval. Fileaze helps you get things done.

Recent changes in this Minor Update:
Added support for automatic empty folder deletion


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 Download good software, freeware and shareware: MS Windows, Seven, Vista, Linux, Java, Pocket PC, Palm, OSX, Cell phone, buy Quality professional applications, solid commercial programsFileaze is a powerful batch tool for recurrent file manipulation tasks file,folder,directory,batch,regular expression,automatic,email,ftp,encryption,zip,compression,text,search,replace,command,date,schedule,scheduler,copy,move,rename,delete,upstream,publish,automate,backup,mirror,clone,duplicate,synchronize,protection

file,folder,directory,batch,regular expression,automatic,email,ftp,encryption,zip,compression,text,search,replace,command,date,schedule,scheduler,copy,move,rename,delete,upstream,publish,automate,backup,mirror,clone,duplicate,synchronize,protection Fileaze is a tool for batch tasks operating on files, folders, FTP, e-mail and HTTP sources. It can copy/move/rename/delete, change attributes, text-replace, zip/unzip, enc/decrypt, FTP, e-mail. Full support for RegExp, external commands, scheduling.