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Inspyder Software Inc.

Country: Canada - City: Burlington
Web Site: Web site

Inspyder Software Inc. products:
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Inspyder Web2Disk 4.1.0 (Inspyder Web2Disk download)

Save a website to your PC, USB or CD! Web2Disk automatically downloads all the website files and makes any site browsable offline. Web2Disk is perfect for saving a website for use where no Internet connection is available. Get your free trial today!
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Pitch Switch 4.0.9 (Pitch Switch download)

Slow down or speed up any song with Pitch Switch! Now you can slow down MP3s without affecting the pitch, or lower the key of a song into your range without changing the speed. Pitch Switch is the amazing, must have tool for musicians!
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Inspyder OrFind 4.0.0 (Inspyder OrFind download)

Detect and delete orphaned files from your web server. OrFind helps you recover wasted space and remove old web content by analyzing your website link structure and detecting unused files. You can clean up your entire website in minutes with OrFind!
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Inspyder InSite 4.0.1 (Inspyder InSite download)

Check virtually any website for broken link and spelling mistakes with InSite! InSite is powerful, yet easy to use. Just enter a website URL and click Go! It checks every page in one pass. Download a free trial today.
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Inspyder Sitemap Creator 4.0.2 (Inspyder Sitemap Creator download)

Need an easy to use sitemap generator? Inspyder Sitemap Creator is the fastest way to create your Google Sitemap. It's easy to use, has no page limits and no server installation required! Download this sitemap generator today!
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