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CAD-KAS GbR Dividers and Ruler Flash-Creator CAD KAS PDF Editor Options Trading Tool Photogrammetric image rectification Duty roster


Country: Germany - City: Markranst├Ądt
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CAD-KAS GbR products:
dividers ruler protractor pencil rubber draw construct construction CAD
Dividers and Ruler 1.0 (Dividers and Ruler download)

Draw with dividers, ruler, protractor, pencil and rubber on the screen as you would do it on a sheet of paper. You see a real ruler on the screen which you can move and rotate. You can then draw along the ruler.
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Flash Creator CAD KAS Flash SWF movies Animation movie Internet website homepage
Flash-Creator 1.0 (Flash-Creator download)

Do you need more a more dynamic website? What about your own flash movies on your side? With Flash Creator you can add texts and graphics and only have to set the starting state and the end state of the animation (like rotation, position etc.).
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PDF Editor CAD KAS PDF edit document Acrobat Portable Document Format files PDF files create PDFfiles PDF documents change delete hide information
CAD KAS PDF Editor 5.0 (CAD KAS PDF Editor download)

Edit PDF files now! You can write annotations, add text, change the text (correct spelling errors) or delete words completely. Add or delete pictures and vector graphics and add text in any font you want! 11 new tools in the new version!
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options stocks futures trading trader exchange
Options Trading Tool 1.0 (Options Trading Tool download)

This program helps you as options trader to optimize your strategy. You can add all the options you want to buy or sell and build your strategy. The program shows you the profit and loss graph at expiration and on the day that you select.
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rectify photogrammetry photo restitution disort images photography
Photogrammetric image rectification 1.0 (Photogrammetric image rectification download)

Rectify photos with the help of photogrammetry. So you get a completely level view of one side of a building for example. So you can take the result for measurements of this building. You can export the result as picture or as DXF file.
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duty roster duty planner plan duty holiday planner staff
Duty roster 1.0 (Duty roster download)

Create a duty roster for your staff. You first create a list of your staff. Now you can allocate a duty for each person and each day (i.e. holiday, ill, duty travel etc.). You can view and print a month plan or a day plan.
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