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Graphics4VO Graphics DLL Graphics library for CAVO with output to display, printer, file and memory.
Type: Shareware
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File size: 3928 Kb
Date: 12/14/2009
Install support: Install and Uninstall
OS: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003
System requirements: CA-VO 2.0 upto newest CA-VO version
Language: English, German

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Graphics4VO Graphics DLL 5.13
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Graphics library for CAVO with output to display, printer, file and memory.
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Graphics4VO is developed for use with CA-Visual Objects (Version 2.0 upto 2.8). It is based on 32-Bit-WINDOWS-API. The library allows development of graphics oriented CA-Visual Objects applications for 32-Bit Windows operating systems. The Graphics Library Graphics4VO includes classes, methods and functions for integration of graphic elements into Windows applications. It could be used to add graphics to existing applications with minimum labor, or for new development. Knowledge of Windows graphics handling or of Windows API-programming is not required. With the graphics library Graphics4VO various graphics output on the screen, to the printer, to the plotter, into the file and on memory bitmaps are possible. Beside elementary pixel graphics and graphic primitives a lot of business and presentation graphics is provided such as bar charts, pie charts or line charts, mathematical coordinate systems, function graphs and fractals in a simple way. Beyond that graphics from other programs or scanned pictures in files with different graphics formats or ArcView shapes can be imported into the own application. Efficient coordinate transformations into world coordinate systems save the conversion work and guarantee the uniform representation on different devices. The GUI classes made available by CA-Visual Objects receive ability to graphic representation by Graphics4VO. The implementation of graphics into existing programs is very simple therefore to accomplish. The Library is based upon a very fast graphics display mechanism that allows an exceptionally quick screen drawing. Repainting of an uncovered window is performed from an internal image-bitmap at a speed that makes it not noticeable to the eye. There is no need for the subsequent reconstruction of graphics. Classes, methods and functions for producing graphic output in user applications are available with declarations in both English and German language in the source headers and in the documentation.

Recent changes in this Major Update:
WIN7 compatible with new CHM help file. Class gTransPushButton to generate transparent PushButtons. New version for VO28 SP3 (2837) and for VO2.0 to 2.7. Graphic-Windows can contain toolbars. Several Functions to handle polygons (area, center, box ec.). Extended handling of ArcView shape files.


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 Download good software, freeware and shareware: MS Windows, Seven, Vista, Linux, Java, Pocket PC, Palm, OSX, Cell phone, buy Quality professional applications, solid commercial programsGraphics library for CAVO with output to display, printer, file and memory. graphics4vo,graphic,graphics,chart,presentation,bussiness,pie,bar,pillar,cavo,ca-vo,visual,objects,library,windows-api,api,class,method,function,programming,download,ellipse,polygon,spline,bezier,device,fractal,drawing,painting,paint

graphics4vo,graphic,graphics,chart,presentation,bussiness,pie,bar,pillar,cavo,ca-vo,visual,objects,library,windows-api,api,class,method,function,programming,download,ellipse,polygon,spline,bezier,device,fractal,drawing,painting,paint Graphics4VO for CA-Visual Objects contains classes, methods and functions for the integration of graphic items, presentation graphics and DIB images for the display, printer, plotter, file and memory.