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Perpetuum Software

Country: Russian Federation - City: Barnaul
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Perpetuum Software products:
 NET reporting component NET report engine NET report generator reporting solution for NET
Report Sharp-Shooter (Report Sharp-Shooter download)

Report Sharp-Shooter is a 100% .NET native reporting tool that allows generating even the most complex reports from multiple data sources and exporting them to the most widespread file formats. It can be used for both Windows and WebForms apps.
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SharePoint SharePoint Server PerformancePoint Server printing dashboards printing from SharePoint printing from PerformancePoint
PerformancePoint Print WebPart 2.1 (PerformancePoint Print WebPart download)

PerformancePoint Print WebPart is an easy to use solution which allows printing of dashboards and reports directly from PerformancePoint. Convenient print preview allows you to see how the needed document will look in a printed document.
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windows ui controls windows ui components winrt ui controls winrt ui components
Perpetuum UI Controls for Windows 8 2.0 (Perpetuum UI Controls for Windows 8 download)

Perpetuum UI Controls for Windows 8 is a set of UI components for creating compelling Windows Store apps. The set includes radial menu, date and time pickers, color picker, rating and flyout controls.
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OLAP NET Pivot table data cube analytical data processing
OLAP ModelKit 3.7 (OLAP ModelKit download)

One of the first OLAP components for .NET written in C# and containing managed code. The product is remarkable for a modern XP Themed appearance, an ability to use any .NET data sources and ability to present data via any third party chart components
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Instrumentation components User Interface components Component suites Net Components GUI Components GUI graphic components NET graphic Sliders Dials ProgressBars Meters Gauges Odometers Thermometers Switches
Instrumentation ModelKit 3.8 (Instrumentation ModelKit download)

Instrumentation ModelKit provides a library of ready-made gauges: Meters, Dials, Sliders, Switches, Manipulators, Scales and a full featured graphics editor allowing for the creation of advanced gauges from scratch. Digital dashboards/KPIs on the fly
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free reporting tool free NET reporting component free report engine free report generator NET reporting component NET report engine NET report generator reporting solution for NET
Report Sharp-Shooter Express 2.1 (Report Sharp-Shooter Express download)

Report Sharp-Shooter Express is a free reporting tool for .NET with vast capabilities for designing reports in WinForms. Developers can create both bound and unbound reports, with an unlimited number of master-detail relations, columns, etc.
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 NET components suite NET components suite of NET components NET WinForms WebForms NET components package
.NET ModelKit Suite (.NET ModelKit Suite download)

.Net ModelKit Suite is a package of .NET components for data processing, analysis and visualization. The suite includes a report generator, OLAP component, a tool for creating digital dashboards and KPI and a component for charts and graphs design.
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chart net net charting chart component charting component pie chart Stock chart winforms chart D charts NET graphs Financial Charts charting software net diagram winforms diagram chart control net diagramming
Chart ModelKit 3.7 (Chart ModelKit download)

Chart ModelKit is a .NET native component for graphical data representation featuring a built-in WYSIWYG designer and advanced data binding model. The library contains a comprehensive set of standard elements and available series types.
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