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Create Flash animations without coding. Enhance the experience of your website visitors and create Vectorian Giotto
Program type: Freeware

File size: 8350 Kb
Date: 04/12/2011
Install support: Install and Uninstall
OS: WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64
Requirements: 256 MB RAM, VGA 16-bit color 800x600 screen resolution, a bit of creativity.
Language: English

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Vectorian Giotto 3.0
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Free designer-friendly Flash animation software
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Want to learn and make Flash, absolutely Free? Vectorian Giotto has powerful yet very simple user interface that will allow you to quickly and easily create professional Flash animations for websites. Even if you had no experience whatsoever with animation or graphics tools before, you can learn to use Vectorian Giotto effectively within 10 minutes. With easy-to-use interface, powerful drawing tools, sophisticated shape morphing, stunning built-in effects, sound and scripting support, an expert designer will do much more in less time, while the beginner will find it very easy to make incredible, professional-looking movies. In addition, it supports layers and gradient fills as well as intersection, union and difference operations on objects. Combine and manipulate text, images and shapes to create Flash movies. You can set key animation parameters as dimensions, background color and frame rate. Animation is based on simple motion tween concept: set-up start and end look of objects and Giotto does the rest by itself. You can preview your animation inside Vectorian Giotto without launching a browser or external player. Creating animations with Vectorian Giotto requires absolutely no knowledge of programming or scripting. You can very easily add amazing effects to your animation - objects can translate, rotate, change size, change color or gradient fill, stretch, skew - or do at the same time any combination of those effects - all with minimal effort from user and using the same motion tween concept. Now you are able to transform your creative ideas to cool banners, preloaders, navigation menus, and other Flash artworks, with an impressively short learning curve! Vectorian Giotto can be your companion in enhancing the experience of your website visitors, and creating WOW effect. Vectorian Giotto is a product of Vectorian Inc.

Recent changes in this Major Update:
Redesigned interface, UI improvements.


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flash,SWF,Freeware,animation,banner,animated,authoring,tool,vector,editor,software,web,site,page,design,preloader,graphics,motion,tween,movie,presentation,text,effects,cartoons,navigation,buttons,menus,multimedia,drawing,scripting,actionscript,Free Create Flash animations without coding. Enhance the experience of your website visitors, and create WOW effect. Combine and manipulate text, images and vector shapes to create stunning Flash movies. Complete animation in minutes. All that for Free!

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